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Humidification may be defined as the addition of moisture to the air. The conditioning machine that functions to add moisture to the air is called a humidifier, this is commonly used in homes around Nashville. A humidifier is commonly a low-pressure, low-temperature boiler in which the water is evaporated and the vapor (low pressure steam) thus formed is caused to mix with air. In a sense, water functions as a natural humidifier by acting as the medium that conveys heat to the air and as the source of the water vapor required to saturate the heated air. Contrast this with what takes place in a humidifier unit. A machine functions as a humidifier when the temperature of the spray water is above that at which the moisture in the air will condense. During the cold season when running heat having a humidifier will drastically improve your air quality in homes in Nashville and the surrounding areas.
De-humidification may be simply defined as the removal of moisture from the air.
A machine that functions to remove moisture from the air is called a dehumidifier which is carried by many Nashville dealers. The removal of moisture from the air is accomplished by condensation, which takes place when the temperature of the air is lowered below its dew point. The condensation thus formed falls into the tank of the conditioning machine. In this case the water acts solely as a conveyor of heat from the air (in addition to its cleaning action) and , as such, the finely divided mist is extraordinarily effective (practically 100 percent). Some conditioning machines can function both as a humidifiers or dehumidifiers. This can often be done without alteration to the unit except that the valves in the control line from the dew point thermostat on some designs are adjusted to connect the steam control of the water heater for winter operation , and to connect the three-way mixing valve to the water supply line for summer. Contact us today to talk about how humidity can improve your air quality and HVAC efficiency.