I Don’t Understand


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I’ve been in the heating and air business for 25 years. It’s the only vocation I’ve ever known.  One thing I don’t understand:  Why doesn’t everyone with a heating and cooling system have routine maintenance done?

I’ve run across people who are proud that they have never had anything done to their system.  “Well I’ve had that unit for 14 years and never had anything done to it.”  My reply is usually,”Well you will probably have trouble with it after I clean it.  It’s become used to running dirty and once we clean everything, and probably change the capacitors, it’s not going to like the changes.”

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The most common comparison to a heating and cooling system is your car.  You wouldn’t drive your car 10,000 miles without changing your oil, or your air filter.  That applies to both!  Most people trade cars every 4-6 years.  Most HVAC systems last 10-12 years.  A vehicle is $20,000 and more. An HVAC system is $6,000-$12,000. So why not do the things necessary to get that much if not more life out of it?

Just a little food for thought.  – J.J. Jones