Petitt Heating & Cooling is a full service HVAC Contractor. We service the smallest homes up to the largest buildings. For your convenience we also provide mechanical service for many appliances, as well as installation of energy saving products.


At Petitt Heating & Cooling we understand that your home is your place of refuge. Climate control is more than just keeping your home comfortable, it’s also keeping your home safe from air particulates that can endanger your family. In addition to offering top of the line equipment for residential HVAC (heating and cooling), we also offer many specialized products for IAQ (indoor air quality).


Our commercial services department has been rated one of the top HVAC providers in the entire Middle Tennessee area. We offer many different plans and pricing for our commercial HVAC customers.

From what we are hearing from our customers, we have saved many mid-state businesses hundreds of dollars by switching their service and installation partner to Petitt Heating & Cooling


We provide and install almost anything mechanical. Do you need a new set of gas logs installed? Have you had your old gas logs inspected prior to lighting them for the first time this winter? When was the last time you had your gas water heater inspected? Are you aware that a leaky or faulty gas line can cause serious harm or even death to the occupants of a home? All gas lines and gas appliances should be inspected by an HVAC professional at least once per year.

Attic Fans

Attic venting is an important aspect in maintaining a healthy, energy efficient home. Our attic fans (solar or electric) work with your existing passive vents to improve attic air circulation.

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Service Agreements

A properly maintained Heating and Air unit will last years longer and save it’s owner thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. Our service agreements include regularly scheduled maintenance checkups that will keep your unit performing at it’s best.

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We understand that HVAC repair and replacement can often be an unexpected expense that doesn’t fit into your budget. We have partners that offer 100% financing for your HVAC replacement and repair costs.

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For ease of payment, we accept all major credit cards.

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