Save Money on Your HVAC Services – Sign Up for a Maintenance Plan

Most people know their heating and cooling system needs regular tune-ups and maintenance, but remembering to get this care scheduled can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can now simplify the process – while saving money – by signing up for a maintenance plan with us.

Pricing, Perks & Other Details

Our maintenance plans go as low as $12 per month. The plan includes two visits per year (one in the spring and one in the fall) and includes discounts on needed parts and new systems.

  • 10% off needed parts
  • 5% off new systems
  • Priority emergency service
  • No overtime service charges

And don’t worry about forgetting to schedule – we call, email, and text helpful reminders when it’s time to get your appointment set up.

The fact is this – a system that’s regularly maintained will last longer, run more efficiently, and break down less often. That means more comfort for your household, lower energy bills, and less stress overall. Sign up for a maintenance plan today to start reaping the benefits.

As Low As $12 per month

(for one system)

Two visits a year –  Spring & Fall

Discounts on needed parts and new systems

Priority emergency service

Our Visits Include Thorough Heating & Air Conditioning Safety Checks

We provide thorough and in-depth maintenance and safety checks for both your air conditioning system and your gas furnace, ensuring all areas are good to go. What all do we cover in our bi-annual checks? 

16-Point Air Conditioning Checklist

Install gauges and check operating pressures

Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meters

Check air temperature drop

Clean evaporator coil (if accessible)

Check evaporator superheat

Lubricate all moving parts

Check belt and adjust tension

Check and recommend air filtration

Check all safety controls

Check start capacitor and relays

Check compressor contractor

Check all wiring and connections

Clean and adjust thermostat

Clean condensing coil

Check that the condensate drain is open

Check safety float switch

15-Point Gas Furnace Checklist

Check and adjust thermostat

Clean and adjust all safety controls

Clean burners and controls

Clean and adjust pilot assembly

Adjust burner for efficiency

Check for gas leaks in furnace

Lubricate all moving parts

Check belt and adjust tension

Check and recommend air filtration

Check vent pipe and draft diverter

Check fan control

Check manifold pressure

Check furnace for cracked heat exchanger

Check temperature rise

Check complete furnace cycle

We also do additional checks for your heating system, heat pumps, and heaters, including checks on the wiring, defrost controls, reversing valve, amperage draw, and more.

Looking for More Details?

Still have questions about our maintenance plans, financing options, or any of the HVAC services we offer? Reach out! You can get a hold of our experts by calling 615-654-0814 or by simply reaching out online today.

One of the things our customers love about us is the consistent quality and friendly service we provide, wherever you are in our large service area.